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Our favorite concepts when we worked on the concept design for The World of Volvo several years ago with JRA had everything to do with the experience. That's why we love this press photo from its recent grand opening. Not only does it capture the essence of our original concepts, but it shows the joy of experiencing a brand like. Sometimes it's as simple as sitting on your dad's lap while operating heavy machinery


"Amazing." "Fun." "Smartly Done." Rave reviews and comments for the latest brand experience at FM Global. We loved working with the amazing team at the company's Learning Center along with lead partners 3Stage Design. As one review put it on LinkedIn, "At the City of Risk, I feel like a big kid!"


On Tuesday July 11, 2023, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum announced an $89 million renovation. Creative Principals first started working with JRA on this vision for a new museum in March 2021 and have spent the past two years working on the initial vision, master plan and final concept design. We delivered creative direction, story, content development and all of the initial illustrations. We can't wait till 2025!

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A Creative Family

Creative Principals is led by a creative family with a love for experiences. From theme parks and museums to brand experiences and visitor centers, we work hard to imagine and create the next great experience for clients around the world!

Geoff Thatcher

Whether it’s envisioning the future of Abu Dhabi’s Samaliyah Island or standing inside Maracanā Stadium at the opening ceremonies of the Rio 2007 Pan American Games, Geoff’s work transcends borders. He is the Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Creative Principals. He is an experienced creative leader who knows how to take a project from concept to reality. These projects are most often about creating world-class experiences in corporate visitor centers, museums and theme parks. He is also the author of "The CEO's Time Machine."

Zoe Thatcher

Zoe is a talented designer and illustrator. Before joining Creative Principals in 2019, Zoe worked designing children's ballet and tap dance costumes in St. Louis. She has distinguished herself as a rising talent in the industry, speaking at events such as IAAPA and the Themed Entertainment Association's SATE Conference. Zoe has worked on projects around the world, including the Al Ain Zoo, FM Global Research Campus and AMG Experience Centers. She is also the illustrator of The CEO’s Time Machine.

Joel Thatcher

With both a BFA in Writing and a Masters from the Savannah College of Art & Design, Joel delivers research, writing and creative direction for our projects. His work can already be seen at the Ozark Mill, FM Global's City of Risk and he just wrapped his work on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. Joel also uses his video editing skills to help Creative Principals tell its stories around the world. This includes the YouTube show Park Pals that he hosts with his sister Mia.

Mia Thatcher

Now based in Orlando, Mia Thatcher is 2024 graduate in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art & Design and interned for Creative Principals the last three summers. She has worked on storyboards, illustrations and graphic design for several projects, including the AMG Experience Centre, Temple Square and Miral. She also is an extreme “coaster nerd” with extensive knowledge on roller coasters that she happily shares with anyone willing to watch and listen to her YouTube show Park Pals that she co-hosts with her brother Joel.

Tanya Thatcher

A veteran of the United States Air Force, an elite runner, a nurse, teacher and natural leader. For us, Tanya is the heart of the company. As we are in the business of creating experiences, Tanya is also the only member of our team who can give us the perspective of a mother. That's why you'll see her most often on our site visits and charrettes. Considering that mothers make most of the choices about what experiences families visit, this perspective is invaluable.

The Extended Family