The Ceo's Time Machine

This book is timely, refreshing, and both pleasant and incredibly fast to tear through. Thatcher has a solid point to make, and the mechanism through which he makes his points is what gives the book power…

The style may sound a bit like "Alice in Wonderland", and honestly it's not that far off. But in reality, it is more like John Kotter's "Leading Change" had a love child with Spencer Johnson's "Who Moved My Cheese?"

This book, which will take less than an hour to read, is a great way to prepare your mindset going into conversations about how your business can navigate our new, uncertain world.
                                         —Talent Development Magazine Review by Marci Morford,                                              September 2020                                                         

About the Book

“The only way to invent the future is to go there and then look back. It’s a matter of perspective,” comments a retiring CEO who has built one of the most innovative multi-billion-dollar companies in the world. 

It is impossible to predict the future of innovation and business success—but what if you had a time machine? Where would you take it? Does going to the future provide you with answers? Are you missing the obvious in the present? What can be learned from the past?  

Through creative storytelling and bold illustrations, THE CEO'S TIME MACHINE (Casa Flamingo Literary Arts, June 1, 2020), brings readers on an unexpected journey: an outgoing CEO walks his protégé, through a strange garage rumored to house a top-secret time machine. This literal walk down memory lane, is filled with seemingly insignificant junk and artifacts (an 8-track tape, a game of monopoly, an old cash register and a Roman statue) but each shares a strategic purpose in the underlying business philosophies and principles essential for successful leadership and innovation.  

An experienced creative director, experience designer and now author, Geoff Thatcher, excels at creating entertaining and engaging theme park attractions, museum exhibits and visitor centers from concept to reality. This suspenseful virtual tour through the past, present, and, yes, the future is no exception. Visually stimulating, illustrator and daughter, Zoe Thatcher’s daring images capture the emotions of the time traveling protégé. 

This business parable powerfully reminds readers that envisioning the future doesn't mean forgetting about the past or ignoring the present. From the Wright brothers’ rise to glory and ultimate business failure and Charles Kettering’s innovative adaptiveness across industries to Kelly Johnson’s decisive decision making at Lockheed Martin’s SkunkWorks and Disney’s $7.4 billion mistake, THE CEO'S TIME MACHINE will transform how you view leadership and innovation. 

The Creators

Geoff Thatcher


Geoff Thatcher’s work as a creative leader has taken him from Maracanā Stadium and the opening ceremonies of the Rio 2007 Pan American Games to the grand opening of Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. He is a student of the themed entertainment industry who got his start as a train engineer and stuntman. He is a writer and teacher who once facilitated a leadership workshop at The CIA University (yes, that CIA). After a long career creating brand experiences, visitor centers, museums, theme parks and live events, he launched his own experience design firm, Creative Principals, in 2017.

Zoe Thatcher


Zoe Thatcher is a young and talented designer and illustrator. After being named the female scholar athlete of the year, the NCAA Championships-qualifying swimmer graduated summa cum laude from Auburn University in 2018. She immediately went to work as a costume designer at Weissman in St. Louis, one of the largest dance wear companies in the United States. In addition, Zoe worked on costume designs for the grand opening of Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi and uniforms and merchandise for the Quest themed experience center in Doha. In August 2019, she joined Creative Principals as a designer and illustrator.

Our Casa Flamingo Literary Arts Editorial Team:

Tim O'Brien
Callie Stoker
Carrie Oneal
Tess Woods


The Reviews


I find The CEO’s Time Machine compelling in its narrative and universal in its point of view. I saw a reflection of self and our leadership while reading. As a working mother, I was proud to see the collaboration between Geoff and his daughter Zoe. It's such an inspiration."

Ruqayya Alblooshi

Head of International Relations
General Secretariat of the UAE Cabinet


When I saw that The CEO’s Time Machine was both a time travel story and a business book, I was worried it would slip into all the familiar tropes. However, Geoff not only deftly avoids them, but he gave me a surprise ending with more meaning than I expected. And Zoe’s illustrations are fantastic while setting the mood perfectly. This book inspired me on so many levels. Excellent."

Troy Hitch

Chief Innovation Officer
Proximity Worldwide


I love The CEO’s Time Machine! Geoff’s surprising storytelling and Zoe’s mesmerizing illustrations take us through a door to explore and unlock secrets of the the business world’s best leaders. As I read the story of a CEO passing the reigns to his protege, I couldn’t help but think of the mentors and leaders in my own career who have inspired me—and too many leaders who really need to read this book and internalize its lessons.”

Roberta Perry

Vice President

Edwards Technologies


The CEO's Time Machine is a quick, inspiring and powerful read. In uber efficient form, Geoff Thatcher's book provides inspiring motivation to find the right balance between delivering "Friday's Payroll" and "Inventing The Future." Innovation is the life blood of any successful business and The CEO's Time Machine provides a quick road map on how to kick start innovation and improve future business results in any company by seeking to allow creative ideas to flourish in spite of strong corporate cultures that stamp out creativity and innovation. Oh, and the book's illustrator Zoe Thatcher is a rock star!"

Paul Beck

Advisorary Board Emeritus Chair
David Eccles School of Business
University of Utah


The CEO's Time Machine is a fascinating look at how history and creativity work together to help us arrive at the best solutions to the business problem's of tomorrow. A must read for any manager working with young talent."

Blanca Myers

Silicon Valley Thinker


This book presents an entertaining and accessible model for innovation. Just like good science fiction, it perfectly balances the future we are all facing with problems that feel incredibly timely and familiar."

Andrew Bagley



Geoff draws you into his parable with a witty dialogue and wonderful illustrations, weaving a story with several possible outcomes. In the end, The CEO Time Machine envisions a future. And that future is now. Beware or believe, but know one thing: You can run, but you can’t hide.”

Deb Kuo


This is a cool little tale! Imagine if ‘The Toynbee Convector,’ Ray Bradbury’s hopeful story of the man who may (or may not!) have traveled to the future and seen the utopian possibilities awaiting there, hadn’t come from an artsy science-fiction writer looking to challenge our present frustrations, but had come from an experience designer looking to challenge the way most business leaders make decisions. The result would be this: a short, mysterious tale of what it means to see the future all around us. Geoff Thatcher’s corporate fable, complemented by sharp, expressive illustrations, thoughtfully brings to life concepts that any practical-minded person will want to ponder for a good long time.”

Russell Fox

Professor of Political Science

Friends University


Everyone wants to imagine themselves as a cool iconoclast, but in this clever, modern parable Geoff Thatcher introduces us to the kind of iconoclast that makes us pause. Rather than devise a character who literally breaks stuff, Thatcher introduces us to someone who builds stuff by breaking through conventional thinking. Provocative, pesky, and principled, The CEOs Time Machine suggests a road less travelled that may compel you to rethink your own path forward."

Michael Starobin

Founder, Creative Director

1 AU Global Media, LLC


A totally unexpected story, and I loved it. While reading Geoff's book, I imagined how cool it would be to really experience what’s inside the CEO’s garage. The ideas inside The CEO’s Time Machine inspired me to reflect on the past while still being decisive today to shape the future. As leaders, we have to figure out how to do this in our organizations.”

Chief Learning Officer

Fortune 500 Company


"This is the answer to the ultimate question of business, the universe, and everything! When perspectives shifted, the planet reflected and we contemplated a new future requiring a fresh sense of direction, Geoff & Zoe delivered with optimism and meaning. The CEO's Time Machine is inspirational, powerful, artistically presented and impeccably timed. It is simply, eloquently and imaginatively scripted during a time of significant change.”

Katie Veira

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

HQ Worldwide Shows


What a great story! A business parable with fabulous illustrations that touches upon some important themes in a way accessible to readers whether they are executives or just starting out in their careers.”

Charles McLean

Founder & CEO

Borderless Consulting Group


The CEO’s Time Machine is a thought provoking and inspiring book that challenges readers to break out of the bounds of ‘business as usual’ by reaching back into history and taking us into the future.”

Todd Hall

President & Chief Technology Designer

3Stage Design


Geoff’s always been blunt when making a point, but The CEO’s Time Machine packs a powerful punch in its 77 pages. While it only takes 30 minutes to read, its story and visuals will leave you thinking about leadership and innovation much longer.”

Ron Crossland

Leadership Consultant



This is called The CEO's Time Machine, but there's a bigger idea here then traveling to the past or future in an IT steam punk time machine. In the end, it's about what you and I can do everyday to make a difference.

Ignacio Rosenberg

Director of Business Development
Lightswitch Inc.


What a great read! The storytelling is simple and thought-provoking and leaves you with a powerful message. I see this as required reading for any leadership development class. In fact, I wish I could start talking about it now with colleagues to capture even more learnings."

Gene Shrecengost

Former CHRO and Board Member
National Dentex


Through bold visuals and irresistible storytelling, The CEO's Time Machine reveals a road map to successfully transforming the future that can be applied to just about any business venture.  Quite simply, it’s one of the most insightful books about creative innovation out there."

Colette piceau

It Ain't Shakespeare