Creative Speed

J. Kruse Education Center
Fort Wayne, Indiana
February 2021

How does creative speed help a client like the not-for-profit J. Kruse Education Center?  Well, speed can save time and money. Instead of the usual eight weeks, Creative Principals partnered with Unrivaled to deliver a visioning package in three weeks. This included a quick one-day site visit and charrette, storyline, concept plans and renderings. The J. Kruse Education Center offers programming created to help students discover the career they are passionate about and so we embraced this story of passion in every concept. The vision package we produced in 2021 was used for fundraising and now our team is back in Indiana working with the Center on executing those designs.

Summit on the Future of Entertainment in Saudi Arabia
Los Angeles
April 2018

Creative Speed means working fast and daring to pull off the seemingly impossible. In late February 2018, Executive Producer Thinkwell Group called Creative Principals and asked a simple question: "Can you put together a team and produce an event on the Future of Entertainment in Saudi Arabia in two months?" After pulling together a team that included Peak XV handling production, David Messinger on strategy and outreach and DKC on public relations, we delivered a packed house and incredible news coverage of the Summit on the Future of Entertainment in Saudi Arabia in April 2018. As one attendee put it, "Hearing officials from Saudi Arabia come to Hollywood and declare their country open for business is big, big news."