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Geoff & Zoe Thatcher on Creative Leadership.

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Genx vs Geny

Experience Design


Geoff Thatcher

Geoff Thatcher’s work as a creative leader has taken him from Maracanā Stadium and the opening ceremonies of the Rio 2007 Pan American Games to the grand opening of Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. He is a student of the themed entertainment industry who got his start as a train engineer and stuntman. He is a writer and teacher who once facilitated a leadership workshop at The CIA University (yes, that CIA). After a long career creating brand experiences, visitor centers, museums, theme parks and live events, he launched his own experience design firm, Creative Principals, in 2017.

Zoe Thatcher

Zoe Thatcher is a young and talented designer and illustrator. After being named the female scholar athlete of the year, the NCAA Championships-qualifying swimmer graduated summa cum laude from Auburn University in 2018. She immediately went to work as a costume designer at Weissman in St. Louis, one of the largest dance wear companies in the United States. In addition, Zoe worked on costume designs for the grand opening of Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi and uniforms and merchandise for the Quest themed experience center in Doha. In August 2019, she joined Creative Principals as a designer and illustrator.

Events & Press

November 1, 2019

Box Talk Cincinnati

September 2, 2019

TEA SATE Conference

May 1, 2019

TEDx Mason


Geoff’s presentation style is energetic but authentic, with very relevant and engaging stories. He has shown a keen ability to hold a room’s attention and read the audience feedback.
Kevin McMillen

Yokogawa Corporation of America

Geoff spent a half day with our top leaders and inspired them think more creativity. They walked out with both big smiles and new ideas on how they could manage their teams.
Lori Gordon

Director of Marketing,
Thunderdome Restaurant Group.

Thatcher has a solid point to make. (He) hopes that leaders and future leaders deeply understand the importance of creativity, open-mindedness, and listening in service of innovation. During current times in particular, when our world is transforming, the importance of being able—and willing—to change, innovate, and adapt is crucial. Doing so in ways that would have been laughed at as ridiculous is paying off for many companies, while others that take more traditional or conservative routes are struggling and failing.
TD Magazine

August 2020

Out of 304 attendees surveyed, 259 listed Geoff Thatcher’s speech as 'the most enjoyable part of the orientation’ with attendees describing his presentation in survey forms as ‘awesome, fun, excellent, cool, interesting, entertaining, amazing, wonderful, energetic, enthusiastic, inspiring, fantastic, dynamite, happy, motivating, spectacular, tremendous, humorous, informative, animated and better than Ethan Zohn.
Holiday World Orientation
Nothing surprises me about Zoe because she excels in everything she does.
Brett Hawke

Former Auburn Head Swimming
& Diving Coach

As a working mother, I was proud to see the collaboration between Geoff and his daughter Zoe. It's such an inspiration.

Head of International Relations,
General Secretariat of the UAE Cabinet

Zoe Thatcher is a rock star!

Advisorary Board Emeritus Chair,
David Eccles School of Business,
University of Utah

Geoff is a great storyteller. His ideas inspired me to reflect on the past while still being decisive today to shape the future. As leaders, we have to figure out how to do this in our organizations.
Chief Learning Officer

Fortune 500 company

Geoff & Zoe deliver their powerful message with optimism and meaning.
Katie Veira

Founder & Chief Creative Officer,
HQ Worldwide Shows

Geoff’s enthusiasm and creativity were a perfect match to engage, encourage, and inspire our leadership team during our annual leadership workshop. Geoff’s message and stories were not only engaging, but truly inspiring to our leaders to achieve both their personal and professional goals.
David Gray

HR Director

Lagoon Amusement Park, Farmington, Utah