Brand Experiences

Yokogawa Customer Experience Center
Houston Texas
Creative Director
February 2020

While our work with The Yokogawa Corporation of America was interrupted due to the pandemic, it's a perfect case study of how we begin our brand experience projects. First, the need was simple. Yokogawa was working to redesign its lobby and existing customer experience center to reflect its evolving brand. Second, Creative Principals kicked-off its work with a charrette. The company’s CEO described our work as “energetic, authentic, relevant and engaging.” Most importantly, he said we “helped align everyone to move the project forward.” Third, we developed a new concept with plans and renderings. Fourth, we developed budgets and schedules. We were in the process of moving on to schematic design when the pandemic hit in March 2020.

San Jose & New York City
Creative Director
2021 to 2022

There are two types of brand experiences that we work on at Creative Principals. First, permanent brand experiences like those for Yokogawa, FM Global, AMG and other clients. Second, temporary brand experiences in the form of events for Anaplan, the Natural Diamonds Council, General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia and other clients. For Anaplan, we led the creative for the company’s fall conference Anaplan LIVE in 2021 and followed up with scripting and coaching for executive speeches in 2022 at the same event.  The 2021 event brought together executives for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. All of the speeches were recorded in a studio in California and their offices in New York City. We also directed both video shoots with media production provided by Space Created.