A Few Selected Projects

Nashville, TN
November 2021

We kicked-off our work with Animax with a two-day charrette in June 2020 with executives and key employees exploring two key questions. First, how would its brand change after its purchase in 2019 by Cityneon? And second, what should the brand be for its latest creation, a ground breaking animatronic solution? These charrettes were part of a larger scope to develop a new brand for the company and a new brand strategy for its latest creation—which we called ATOM. In addition to the charrete, the scope included market research, brand story, new brand mark (logos), color palette, etc. Because of the pandemic, the work was finally unveiled in Orlando at IAAPA’s 2021 trade show.

Ozark Mill Finley Farms
Ozark Missouri
Creative Director
Fall 2022

Working in partnership with JRA and Cortina Productions, Creative Principals is serving as creative director for the Ozark Mill tour and museum experience inside this new attraction being created by the Morris family from BassPro Shops. The Ozark Mill includes a general store, restaurant, bar and museum. We worked with local historians and mill experts on crafting the story, design and scripting all the media inside. The experience is scheduled to open in November 2022.

Yokogawa Customer Experience Center
Houston Texas
Creative Director
February 2020

While our work with The Yokogawa Corporation of America was interrupted due to the pandemic, it's a perfect case study of how we begin our brand experience projects. First, the need was simple. Yokogawa was working to redesign its lobby and existing customer experience center to reflect its evolving brand. Second, Creative Principals kicked-off its work with a charrette. The company’s CEO described our work as “energetic, authentic, relevant and engaging.” Most importantly, he said we “helped align everyone to move the project forward.” Third, we developed a new concept with plans and renderings. Fourth, we developed budgets and schedules. We were in the process of moving on to schematic design when the pandemic hit in March 2020.

San Jose & New York City
Creative Director
2021 to 2022

There are two types of brand experiences that we work on at Creative Principals. First, permanent brand experiences like those for Yokogawa, FM Global, AMG and other clients. Second, temporary brand experiences in the form of events for Anaplan, the Natural Diamonds Council, General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia and other clients. For Anaplan, we led the creative for the company’s fall conference Anaplan LIVE in 2021 and followed up with scripting and coaching for executive speeches in 2022 at the same event.  The 2021 event brought together executives for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. All of the speeches were recorded in a studio in California and their offices in New York City. We also directed both video shoots with media production provided by Space Created.

Abu Dhabi, UAE
2017 to 2022

Since its launch in 2017, Creative Principals has worked on 12 projects with Miral, the company playing a key role in the rapid evolution of the leisure and entertainment sector on Yas Island and throughout Abu Dhabi. While we cannot share details of the projects we've worked on, we can say that every single one kicked-off with an immersive and engaging charrette. These charrettes can be done in-person or via Zoom. Either way, they focus on four key things. First, finding the story. Second, exploring ways to translate that story into experiences. Third, brainstorming how to visualize these experiences. And fourth, quick bubble planning to study how these experiences relate to each other within a real space.

Leadership & Mentoring at Lagoon & SCAD
Farmington Utah & Savannah, Georgia
2021 to 2022

After our pro-bono work on The Big Break Foundation, we worked to show the organization that the best place to find those who need helping breaking into the themed entertainment industry is with managers on the front lines of its regional parks. So, to do this, our Founder & Chief Creative Officer delivered a motivational speech to 250 of Lagoon’s managers. Its HR Director said, “Geoff’s enthusiasm and creativity were a perfect match to engage, encourage, and inspire our leadership team.” Our mentorship extends to sponsoring activities with the TEA Club at the Savannah College of Art & Design.

Thought Leadership & Speaking
Tea Sate Conference & Others
2019 to 2023

We believe it's important to be thought leaders in the industry and so we post articles online, publish books like "The CEO's Time Machine" and speak at industry events. Both our Founder & Chief Creative Officer Geoff Thatcher and our Designer and Illustrator Zoe Thatcher speak regularly at industry conferences, from IAAPA and the Themed Entertainment Association's SATE Conference to the PDMA Conference and SCAD. Many of these speaking opportunities are connected to Geoff & Zoe's book "The CEO's Time Machine."

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi GRAND OPENING
Abu Dhabi
July 2018

Creative Principals served as creative director for the launch of this new theme park in partnership with Dubai's HQ Worldwide Shows. The project included everything from staging and costumes to a batmobile and live show with fireworks. One big highlight was producing a grand opening video that went viral--generating more than 18 million views.

J. Kruse Education Center
Fort Wayne, Indiana
February 2021

How does creative speed help a client like the not-for-profit J. Kruse Education Center?  Well, speed can save time and money. Instead of the usual eight weeks, Creative Principals partnered with Unrivaled to deliver a visioning package in three weeks. This included a quick one-day site visit and charrette, storyline, concept plans and renderings. The J. Kruse Education Center offers programming created to help students discover the career they are passionate about and so we embraced this story of passion in every concept. The vision package we produced in 2021 was used for fundraising and now our team is back in Indiana working with the Center on executing those designs.

Quest Themed Experience Centre
Summer 2021

Creative Principals worked directly with DOPMO and Granaroli Design and Entertainment on branding the Quest Themed Experience Centre and Doha Oasis mixed-use development. This included brand guidelines, uniforms, merchandise, signage and other elements. From its animated logo to tagline, everything you see advertising this indoor theme park began with our branding work.

JEA Water 2.0 Visitor Center

Creative Principals is partnering with JRA to lead the creative on the visitor experience inside the planned JEA H2.O Purification Center in Jacksonville. This visitor center inside a new water purification plant is designed to educate visitors about the water cycle, aquifer and how this advanced technology works. The overall project team is led by Haskell with architect Yves Rathle and engineering partners Black & Veatch. Our scope includes creative direction, writing, design and branding. The project is expected to open in 2024.

Summit on the Future of Entertainment in Saudi Arabia
Los Angeles
April 2018

Creative Speed means working fast and daring to pull off the seemingly impossible. In late February 2018, Executive Producer Thinkwell Group called Creative Principals and asked a simple question: "Can you put together a team and produce an event on the Future of Entertainment in Saudi Arabia in two months?" After pulling together a team that included Peak XV handling production, David Messinger on strategy and outreach and DKC on public relations, we delivered a packed house and incredible news coverage of the Summit on the Future of Entertainment in Saudi Arabia in April 2018. As one attendee put it, "Hearing officials from Saudi Arabia come to Hollywood and declare their country open for business is big, big news."