A Few Selected Projects

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi GRAND OPENING
Abu Dhabi
July 2018

Working under the direction of HQ Worldwide Shows, Creative Principals served as creative director for the launch of this new theme park. The project included everything from producing a Devin SuperTramp viral video with over 17 million views to building a Batmobile.

FM Global SimZone
October 2020

Creative Principals was hired by FM Global to lead the creative and production for two experiences inside FM Global’s SimZones. First, a small and mobile flood table that will go inside its new mobile SimZone. And second, a larger and more permanent flood table inside its SimZone in Boston. This experience allows the company’s engineers to showcase how flood mitigation technology works in a model of a manufacturing facility located on a river.

FM Global Innovation Studio
October 2019

Creative Principals was hired by Exhibit Concepts to lead the creative, design and media production for the FM Global Innovation Studio outside Boston that opened in October 2019. The experience is located inside the company’s Learning Center and includes a design think space surrounded by interactive exhibits. The FM Global Innovation Studio included a number of innovative experiences, including a virtual escape room and interactive augmented reality experience that allows guests to construct a fire test and literally walk around the blaze.

J. Kruse Education Center
Fort Wayne, Indiana
February 2021

The J. Kruse Education Center offers during and after-school programming created to help students discover the career they are passionate about. Creative Principals and Unrivaled partnered together on a vision and concept package that is now being used for fundraising. The journey for students begins at a newly designed entrance. Second, they are immersed in a hallways listing thousands of career options.  Third, they step through a series of doors as they discover their strengths and weaknesses. And finally, they explore a series of interactive career path Pods.

Quest Themed Experience Centre
Summer 2021

Creative Principals worked directly with DOPMO and Granaroli Design and Entertainment on branding the Quest Themed Experience Centre and Doha Oasis mixed-use development. This included brand guidelines, uniforms, merchandise, signage and other elements. 

C.R. Smith American Airlines Museum
Fort Worth
September 2018

Creative Principals was hired by JRA to provide creative direction, interactive media treatments and scripts for for the anchor exhibits inside the redesigned C.R. Smith American Airlines Museum. This included a new film in the theater, media sphere, exhibits and interactive “airline control room” experience. Creative Principals worked closely with operations staff at American Airlines to create a “control room” theater where guests decide what to do during a massive Texas thunder and ice storm.

JEA Water 2.0 Visitor Center

Creative Principals is partnering with JRA on the visitor experience inside JEA’s new Water Purification Demonstration Facility in Jacksonville. The overall project team is led by Haskell with architect Yves Rathle and engineering partners Black & Veatch. 

Summit on the Future of Entertainment in Saudi Arabia
Los Angeles
April 2018

Creative Principals was hired by Executive Producer Thinkwell Group to recruit the team and then provide creative direction for the first Summit on the Future of Entertainment in Saudi Arabia  The final team included Peak XV handling production, David Messinger on strategy and outreach and DKC on public relations.